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Darth Vader Action Figures

Darth Vader Action Figures

Darth Vader may be the most recognizable Star Wars character. In the original trilogy Darth is the predominant face of the dark side of the force. Eventually it is revealed as Luke Skywalker`s father. Darth Vader`s born name is Anakin Skywalker. Darth Vader appears in all three movies of the first trilogy. His first appearance is in A New Hope, where he has kidnapped Princess Leia. He remains a foe for the entire trilogy. In the second trilogy (episodes one thru three) Darth is Anakin Skywalker, as he has not yet turned to the Dark side yet.

Darth Vader toys are one of the more sought after action figures. There are plenty of Darth Vader vintage star wars action figures. Kenner first made the Darth Vader miniature in 1977. Find limited Darth Vader action figures today. Along with the Kenner figures they are many other Darth Vader collectibles. Find any variation on Darth Vader classic Star Wars action figures.

Darth Vadar`s image of half machine, half man has also been retold in other universes, such as that of the Terminator series. While the original Terminator was purely cybernetic, he grew to be more human. More recenter Terminator movies blurred the line between human and man, especially in the most recent release, Terminator Salvation. You can find plenty of Terminator collectibles from all four of the movies.

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